Product Marketing Course

Drive viral word-of-mouth directly from your products or services.

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Product Marketing Course


• 3-Hour High Definition Video Course

• Unlimited Lifetime Access

• 20+ Product Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business

• Taught By Shark Tank Entrepreneur Shaan Patel

• 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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HD Video Course

The ClearHat Product Marketing Course is the most effective product marketing course ever created. Watch 3 hours of high-definition video content with key strategies that can transform your business and generate millions of dollars in revenue!

Expert Instruction

Taught by Shark Tank Entrepreneur and ClearHat Founder Shaan Patel. Shaan has created viral products and services that have achieved global word-of-mouth with zero ad spend. In this course, he will teach you his exact step-by-step blueprint to create remarkable products that get attention.

Become A Product Marketing Expert

After watching the ClearHat Product Marketing Course, you will be a master at creating a viral product or service or improving your current one. Here’s what you will learn:

• How To Develop A Product To Achieve Viral Growth

• How To Improve Product User Experience To Achieve Viral Growth

• How To Use Product Differentiation To Achieve Viral Growth

• How To Use Product Branding To Achieve Viral Growth

• How To Use Product Design To Achieve Viral Growth

Effective Marketing Techniques

We have created a product marketing course unlike any other. ClearHat Founders, Adam Lawrence and Shaan Patel, have applied this proven teaching methodology to their many successful companies. Here’s how it works:

• ClearHat Strategy: Learn proven marketing strategies that will 10x your business.

• ClearHat Examples: See tangible examples to help you learn how to apply each strategy.

• ClearHat Practice: Follow exact directions on how you can apply each marketing strategy to your own business.

• ClearHat Review: Remember key takeaway points succinctly summarized for your convenience. This proven teaching methodology creates marketing courses that are not only engaging, but also unbelievably effective.

Real Product Marketing Success

Your ClearHat course instructor, Shaan Patel, has real success with Product Marketing. He will show you:

• How He Wrote a #1 Bestselling Book Without Any Experience As An Author

• How He Created The Most Effective SAT Prep Course In The World With No Tutoring Experience

• How He Used Storytelling To Exponentially Enhance His Company’s Brand

In this course, Shaan will share all of his product marketing expertise with you.

Not BlackHat. Not WhiteHat. This is ClearHat.

Clear Results

We made these ClearHat marketing courses to help entrepreneurs, founders, and marketers make more money. You will see a clear return on investment from every course purchase.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with your ClearHat course within 30 days of purchasing, we will give you a full refund. No strings attached. No questions asked. Seriously.

Supercharged Marketing

All of our ClearHat digital marketing strategies work together. Each course supercharges the other. This product marketing course will help your marketing in a number of unique ways!

1 Of 10

This product marketing course is just one of the ten courses found in our 0 to $10 Million 30-hour HD video course. Our flagship course is a $2,000 value but can be yours for only $799! Check it out here.

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