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 ClearHat Digital Marketing Agency

Double Your Sales With Our Expert Digital Marketing Team

• Get A Team Of Digital Marketing Experts For A Fraction Of Hiring A Full-Time Marketer

Custom-Tailored Plans To Meet Your Business’ Needs

All Clients Directly Managed By ClearHat Founders Adam Lawrence & Shaan Patel

Sustainable Growth Plans That Will Transform Your Business

• Execution & Optimization Add-Ons Available For Most Projects

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What Will Your Digital Marketing Blueprint Look Like?

Our strategy packages are designed with a wide range of businesses in mind. Whether you’re the owner of a small chain of restaurants or a multinational corporation, our team of seasoned digital marketers have the passion, drive, and experience to grow your business.

Unparalleled Leadership

Digital marketing experts Adam Lawrence and Shaan Patel are closely involved with every ClearHat client, setting and coordinating strategies with account managers on a day-to-day basis. We take your growth as seriously as you do.

Not BlackHat. Not WhiteHat. This is ClearHat.

Clear Results

ClearHat was founded to help companies of all shapes and sizes make more money, not get more likes on Instagram. Our primary focus with every client is simple: increase revenue. And when you make more money, the ROI will be, well, clear.

Short Contract Lengths

Most marketing agencies look to lock clients into year-long contracts (at a minimum). We see more success and happier clients with contracts of half that length, sometimes less. So plan on us proposing the optimal contract for your business.

Supercharged Marketing

We utilize every digital marketing strategy and tactic together to create your custom marketing blueprint. This blueprint, the plan we will follow for months as a team, will redefine your company’s digital presence and take your brand to new heights.

Intimate Agency, Exceptional Offerings

Whether it’s getting more PR, success with Facebook Ads and Google AdWords, SEO, Content Marketing, or Lead Generation and Webinar Marketing, if it’s a form of digital marketing, you can count on us to have strong expertise in it.

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